Getting back in Groove

Being Happy and Staying happy is a very different definitions…its like poles apart. Recently one of my friend who is working in a Very big organisation i don’t wanna name it, Started with a mere ecstatic frenzy feeling of joining in a big organisation and start working…. year by year that happiness came to a monotonously and dimmed days like working on a flat surface where there is not even a small bump or a small shallow, where all things you do is just for the name sake not for the self happiness and realization…

On advising him (remember you advice when you think you yourself is more wise than him) that he should start something like developing hobbies and do what he likes rather than pinning his thoughts that he is wasting his time.. One talking for long like a two scientists going to discover a time machine we came to a conclusion that we should stop blaming situations and rather talk about how much money we made and how much we saved….😂

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