Kids Nowadays…

Dont Know how the generation has evolved from the nowhere to everywhere i must say. Looking to the kids nowadays i would like to share the morning communication with my twin niece.
Videocall which was just a distant opaque dream for our generation when we were teens, has taken all over the tech. Our childhood which were totally oblivious about this idiot Tool called Mobile phone and that too with functions of videocall  woww wat a stuff…

Pint-Sized Children of mere age of 3-4 year has been able to unlock the phone and able to open there cartoon videos which they like and even play a bubble shooter game better then her mother. Communication was not so known and rapid but hatssoff to this deluge era.
Kids grow everyday, everysecond, they grow up in so lightening speed its hard to believe that is he/she the same baby which was sitting and running on floor just eating lollipop like a gourment lost in it like they found a whole happiness of universe in it.
My say on it to let them flourish(yeahh… i am working here)on there own, let them go out,let them fall and standup, let them eat unhealthy, show them the world outside from your eye…

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