Post Mortem of the Gujarat election 2017

Ok Now the results are out BJP has finally settled with a very close margin win in Gujarat.
And My Prediction was right missed with just one vote. I said it would close at 101-110. But they ended with 99(not bad actually very bad)
People of opposition are going haywire on many context regarding the tampering of EVM’s, Public anger and relation to its votes. For some time being it seems like the focus has all been diverted to the marginal win of BJP verses the congress capacity to form current government.

In this political turmoil, what i personally feel is that, after the exit of Narendra modi as Gujarat CM (the vote magnet) the emotions of people towards the party has also been decreased drastically. From major events occured during the calender year 2017 say it…. from the mob lynching of a muslim individual, beef banning in state, Gst, demonitisation all relevent happenings has incurred a sense of hypnotism in peoples mind.
The ever lasting image of pappu has been sharpened, media started taking his words seriously, All Bjp members came on their feets for campaign in Gujarat which literally shows ( Ab to fati hui hai…) that people has been now intolerate towards evrything. A good analyser has analysed good thing that the ruling party has done a developement in only major cities (Ahmd, Rajkot, Vadodara & Surat) and not in rural regions of Gujarat. So this was really an eye opener for BJP that they all need to close their fist and bounce back in terms of developemnt and to gain public confidence.

Signing OFF….here
Goodbye for today

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