Follow a personality

People nowadays follow a personality or celebrity camparing his/her day to day life with the imagined enigmatic figure they possess. But the hidden fact people forget how much they have sacrificed to reach that level. Recent example of Virat Anushka sharma how the couple has cinched themselves in an opulent way the world has witnessed. Still the hangover is ON, in the minds of there followers. Me personally following Anushka the beautiful damsel has captivated my mind for some couple of days.

Seen in interviews manytimes Virat saying the performance is the key, how he has emerged and gloomed himself to reach that level. The game going international, the standards going global, the millions expectations attached going deep penetrated, all things which have kept him motivated to out perform always. The diet which he follows, the thinking he envisages, which has all evolved gradually not drastically. Still he manages to eat what is required and not what he wanted.
Asking question to all of you.. Are we able to keep out diet like him… Are we following a punctuality and steadiness followed by him.. The answer would be NO. Even if we tried we did it for 1 week and that too i am saying maximum. Saying is very easy that you are following someone for something but keeping ourselves tied to it is something tenacious.
So yes follow him as you see him.

Goodbye ending for today..
Bless all

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