On a Christmas Week

Early Morning when you realise that you have to be at work, Instead of finding a gift which could have been kept under the pillow by a secret santa…😝 Recalling the moments when you where just a kid and the bunch of chocolates swirled by the Santa in your classroom(Normally the fatso of your class). Yes this is christmas week the whole world is enjoying the week on there fullest. Whether you take about Austraila, USA, Europe. Ever country has there special colonies which celebrates thsi week on the fullest. Children all around wearing that cute and adorable santa costumes and caps. There is village in Finland called Santa claus village believed to be the place which celebrates the best chirtmas from last many years.

So personally for me i have been to the chruch after a long time the last i visited was in singapore. People going Gaga…clicking pics and selfies allaround. Some chantings continues in the premises..a pleasant feeling after all. At some places the decorations of the eve started in late evening when the conifer standing quite alone in the corner of our reception got its badges and small gifts got tied to it.

I still dont know why chirstmas is celebrated apart from the small basic idea every mediocre have..

Happy and a very very Merry Christmas to all.

Good day a silent One

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