Day Dreaming..

Helloo friends,

Have you ever been felt that you are lost into something that you forgot the world around you. Making your self so oblivious to every thing which come around. Certainly yess…Recently i encountered with such a situation when i was just involved in my work that it seems that the whole world has got immobile and there is not point of coming out. You certainly feel like you dont need to come out and stay in it only. The moment you come out you feel ouchhh… there is a pain on your neck due to improper sleeping position..(yes its been paining since last night). I have always a complain to people who are busy on there lives asking how come someone so busy that they dont even know that there’s a bloody world outside your cubicle, but realized that it happens perhaps with everyone.

Well i was busy with my work of marketing as some of my projects needs a big time focus and planning..sometime you feel of your childhood how it was no emotional fear all you need was to go out and play and shout. I still think of the childhood friends how we use to play cricket, friends waiting for me outside  my home shouting my name in full swirl..half pants, energetic gestures to play and feel to bat and just hit runs. We will let you know what i was day dreaming about today in my next blog… 

See you soon 

Bless all…stay fit

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