Bitcoins and WOES

Well, shit . I’ve been watching this situation for a few months now, and assuming it would just blow over so we wouldn’t have to talk about it here now rather where we are supposed to busy improving our lives. I personally feel it’s a bubble. Many of you have heard about the bitcoin.. yes its a cryptocurrency which has largely taken a place in all the minds who are more or less interested in stock market or interested to dell in virtual currency.


So yes initially started as an only way of payment in games and some restaurants in Japan, this elements has shaken the world already. Some has lost millions and some has earned billions, the story continues.. During its initial days it was just a mere currency with a very sparse value. But now the things has gone so haywire that even its throwing the world’s richest people list in disarray. The is a cryptoindex which defines the rate at which this currency fluctuates.

Many Servers and the coin wallets which stores this currency were either hacked or gone bug-hunted overnight. Even our Indian government has took there hands off this virtual currency as there is no specific global rules for the trading for the currency. Some community consider this as platform for trade mafia and terror aiding activities. As there is a third world apart from this world-wide web (www) which is called the dark web which is also called to be the beginning of the bitcoin mining. Financial Advisors and the honchos of this field has estimated that the year 2018 would be the beginning of the new Era and this thing would reach to its optimum heights. But many of them think it’s a big bubble which would blast any moment and left the investors with nothing.

My view on this is that if you want to invest, invest keeping in mind to lose or forget the money which you invest who knows that your midget amount of Rs 5000/- can reach to a five digit by next christmas..

Risk it or Reap it choice is yours..


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