Morning Glances

The morning glances contribute immensely to the fate of the day..the fixing schedules.. The deadlines..some decisions which are important some not at all..But in the middle of something which continously develope you from inside, pushes you to argue, pushes you to innovate thinkings…and the day closes on a eventful note…

Mobile messeges and some networthy interactions some being formal some being informal..some neither takes places and thats it, the most important task is tabulated and fixed for the day. Humongous data all packed into your excel you decide what is your work indeed for the day eventually..

In middle of something you constantly check your phone for no reason called addiction, which this generation suffers..A study shows that we touch our phone 2617 times a day.. I dont know how much truth is in this but yes the figure is confusing and astonishing…😴😴

For me personally i read news all days.. If someone asks me what i am doing i would be probably reading news in my phone…a habbit which has been developed since the day i owned a smartphone..

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