New Year Resolution

This is the most used phrase and the most buzzing topic amongst the peers on the very first day of global calender year. Yess thats the new year resolution. People often speak or brag about new year resolutions..seen very rare who follow the axiom, why not the habbits and routine things cant be changed over the night, Change is a process a very gradual process, One of my friend took a resolution to quit smoking, start gyming, Start diet, start millions of new undigestable things.On fearing to call him on phone next day late evening that he might be stuck and pumping up in some gym i hesitated. Eventually gathering all courage to call them, got a reply and insisted me to come to the place where we hangout and kill the time, this is hilarious..😂
Frankly speaking the new calender year bought to me is some handful of friends and some good motivations to do something which i like and always admire of  and the thing which i am doing now thats writing some stuff nowadays. Although its not defined yet on what to write but this is going to get the direction soon.
Plenty of options to workupon this new year, Investing for future in some SIPs, Buying a new small car, and many more which cant be discussed on this platform. Nowadays everywhere you feel is  just a ruthless competition from the likes which you desire for a particular post on  social media till the highest ever position which you desire in your job or assignment..the race continues.. We are that much busy planning our financial goals and retirement plans that sometime we forget that rather than just fullfilling this numbers in your bank account there is a moment which we have to live and cherish..

Live a life which motivates other and motivate yourself.

Adios amigos.

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