Deep Thoughts

Obviously… we tend to carry out lot of conversations in our head and talking ourselves constantly. There are millions of thoughts going through your mind and for some instance you think that your head is going to get explode soon. Writing sometimes is cathartic its so boring and menial.

Everytime I sit down at keyboard, put pen on paper, or get ready to just push the push or publish button on Blog there is a conversation going back of your mind. That voice is so loud and so over powering which creates fear and the  fear of rejection by yourself thinking about what if things might not work in future, what if this things would not  continue and obviously the consequences of criticism.

So how you silence your voice when you are really had a bad thought out there, for a moment you divert you attention from that thing or open your best youtube channel on your device. The truth is that you won’t ever find a permanent solution doing this temporary things


For sometime now i have started writing and getting the things jot down from my mind to the blogs or somewhere on any news or social portal(Isn’t it crazy? Right). But it really help me to quite that voice to some capacity. Because you know that you will be in your Blog mode and that sound will dissipate somewhere in the vicinity.

There is always a reason for something whatever you do in your life and there is always a learning in that particular task. Recently got in touch with many of the bloggers friends who are so good at there work whose comparision is beyond imaginations. The innovations and the way of presenting things has quite attracted many eyeballs on them(well looking to develope such skills too).

On interacting got to know many things like a person cant be creative all the time, the muse takes a vacation too. The mind needs air to settle down like a sand in a turmoil water.

Someone Truely said: “Thinking is the talking of soul with itself”

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