Kites Kites all around

People are gracious…and that too in very large number. Ok, so thats officially end of the solstice month and the beginning of the longer days. The name of the festival is uttarayan in Gujarat also called makar sankranti in central india and pongal in tamil region. The day on which the transition of sun into zodiac sign of makar which is also called Capricorn. This festival is normally celebrated in western part of india which is Rajasthan and gujarat only. Unlike Gujarat, pongal is also celebrated in a big way in Tamil and some South region on this day chennai book fest and lightshow events are organised. But Gujarat has its own charm on terms of celebrating this festival. People here are so excited even days before the festival day is arrived. The enthusiasm is beyond reach and comparison…

Normally the people fly kites and there are several reason for this kite flying which has been seen since 10th century. The festival has now been termed international by Gujarat government for the obvious reason because of its growing popularity amongst the vehement people… People seems to fly kites way ahead of festival and there is a kite flying week celebrated in gujarat every year where the different types of kites and different tribes of people from different countries celebrate.

On the eve of this days when the dawn is just visible and the dark blanket of the sky is getting over the visible sky, the chinese lantern is flew by the folks. (Its called tukkal in our region). Some part of india celebrate it as pongal and the beginning of the harvest season too..

Truely this festival is much awaited festival between the children and adults too. Playing a full bass songs on terrace and playing our favourite track, yelling in ecstasy when you cut another kites in air, Eating of the local varieties (undhiyu and fafda) has been a trend… Setting rest the air of retention

Signing off for today..smilesss

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