Well the Government is really catching the neck of the director and producers who had invested humongously in the movie. Even though the CBFC had given the green signal why the Government has become so much sensitive for the film release.

Not so new and out of anywhere the Rajput karni sena has vandalised the sets, the shooting venues and the school stage which have recently performed on the tunes of renowned song in the movie which is ghoomar ghoomar.


Initially Rajasthan then Gujarat now Haryana too have decided to ban this anticipated blockbuster, Heavily narcotized body CBFC which was earlier had a say in the decision making is also helpless infront of the politicized move by the state governments.

The legendary Queen of chittor would have no idea that her name has been soon coming into a bucket of dilutions. Even the sultan of Delhi Alaudin khillji would have witnessed the turmoil going in the name of much hated intolerance of particular community.

The film industry has been in deep engrossment, why movies have to pass from a Caste based litmus test. What i believe personally is let the Entertainment has given a space of its own. And even if they want to halt the release of movie let the producers know even before the makings of the movie..

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