Are You Good At multitasking?

Well Well.. this is something which we all think of ourself but the fact is that multitasking doesn’t work every time. Me personally not a multitasker. I am personally against this concept. By the time you are reading this blog you would be hearing music, Cooking, watching news channel or doing anything which does not require the brain usage. I will rather frazzled down in sometime or make mistake if i am doing more than three things at a time..Now you will think this is negative. But i can explain why it is not.

I know you are good at multitasking and to some degree you are. You can walk and chew gum at the same time, you can hold your smartphone between your shoulder and ear while folding laundry. A clown can ride the unicycle while juggling the bright color balls. Well this is not multi tasking as it hardly require brain to use. It is more likely a physical activity.Untitled

Unfortunately our brains aren’t equipped to think two things simultaneously. Our short-term memory can only store a handful of memories at once i.e. five or six thoughts at a time. The short memories will evaporated in sometime and it cannot be recalled if it’s not utilized at that moment.

Many examples i would like to share once i was working in Airtel we were often called for meetings and stuff but during the meetings we just sit and open our laptop and we think we will able to do both that is listen to the speaker and do our professional stuff on laptop, But on interrupting in between by the speaker to elaborate on what he had just discussed we were just oblivious to them and can’t even know what he was cribbing since last fifteen minutes. This is not multitasking at all.

It can be dangerous and expensive too sometime, while i was driving to home and just texting to someone about on something i was not aware about the pothole which just emerged out of nowhere and i have to vigorously turn out the handle on the other way haphazardly. Yes it could cost a life. I have learned my lesson of life.

You could never see me going above the speed limit of 60kmph…never..unless i am very late and jammed in a tardy traffic. So instead of doing many things at once focus on particular task and do it perfect.

Yes me too blogging now because i am free for half hour. Making out time to write stuff for myself.

Happy reads to all.. see you soon..bless all

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