Go Ahead as much as you Can

Too late for yesterday but too early for today.. Yes its 3 am…Pending work is a problem indeed, the only solution for them is immediacy.. yes immediacy.. Today’s Era of communication, era of rapidity we evolve every now and then staying into ourselves and hardly have time to entertain thoughts and things which puts you down and eventually we think is to do what we have carved for.

Thoughts are abstract they have no virtue unless its implied upon. An atom in a matter demonstrate the identity of the object similarly the thoughts as an identity of person. Behaviour is the outcome of our thoughts and basically the conversion of the abstract into a solid task. Often, we read about people writing to their younger selves, sharing advice they wish they had known in their earlier years.

People have fear getting older, loosing friends, defending health and depreciating wealth. But this a process.. self grows. Looking back five years to yourself isn’t it amazing ? Yes it is.. At least for me. Changes are visible, some beliefs, some learned things some unlearned things. Figure out what you like and do that. Liberate from negativity. Allow new people to enter your life whether it is friendship, relationship, romance, tagging along with co-workers, just think what would it would be if it were missed out.

For some time being i have started following the instincts.. yes it is. They are not the derived data like a Pythagoras theorem. They are just the outcome from your observance don’t ignore them, they help you to know how to survive. Don’t ignore them.

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