Follow the indicators

It happens with me all the times that i start something. I stay in it the whole day. Then the next i realize that i havent posted anything on the social media yet. Then another day passes i worry that its been a day now.

Either way no one cares if i tweet, if i don’t tweet or post for days…( i dont meant that in a self-pitying way, no one judges either..) Not been reclusive but yes i like to certain things which is full of solitaire. Sometimes the posts are incomplete, still my brain ask me to stop the publishing of the post. But i know deep inside i will be taken back in a self-imposed silence for hours. So better i post it. Yes its irrational and its ridiculous

Is that normal? I mean do normal people hear echo of the sound in their head which grows so louder and louder? May be you are indisposed at sometime that the moment what you think is right might be totally wrong at some point of time and vice a versa

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