Best News reading App

News In shorts

If you are a news reading geek like me and have no time to turn around pages of the real news paper and always running out of time, this app will prove to be a boon for you. Quality is the core of any content and this app has got it all.

Yes the superb interface and crisp news, no snoopy ads, this is a place for you to get handy on it.

I have been reading from this app since its inception and believe me its fantastic to use on Android as well as iPhones.

Some people have english language as a constraint, don’t you worry it’s also available in our national language that’s hindi.


The context

I am sure you will never get bored the context present. Technology, business, politics and most importantly the “hatke” section will make your day.


The app which sums up all the news in just 280 words and that too touching the crux of it. Happy using ” News in shorts”

Stay tune to know more about new apps and reviews.

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