Best Books for Avid Readers

To all the readers out there who are keen to read some good stuffs here is the list of best books which you can start upon. Me as a reader i also started with chetan Bhagat books how ironical right..?? And called myself as a reader. But believe me there is a big big world out there where you can read and nibble your worms and know hell lot of things which you perhaps not came across.

  1. The kite Runner

One of the best which i have read five years back don’t remember the plot exactly but yes this is the book which you can start upon and fulfill your mind buds.the kite runner

The book revolves around the story of two friends who are hailed in Afghanistan and aspiring for redemption. The story takes you to the point where you will see the friends who sacrifices many things in order to gain redemption. A lesson where good overtakes evil i believe it’s a piece of fiction even though some claim its true story

2. Advantage India: From Challenge to Opportunity

Ok so this book ofcourse seems an inspirational book which can drown you in a whirlpool of motivations and self learnings. Many call him “The new age Mahatma”, “The missile man of india” our former president was not less than a walking missile when it comes to discovery and revolutions.


Yes this book was the last left in the shelves of APJ. A must read book to understand how the challenge faced in india’s one of the remotely located rural areas was enabled with the hand-made technologies.

3. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Enjoyed this book based on Aliens and the sarcasm revolving around one of my personal favorite. I would be putting in the categories of funny and sarcasm plus sci-fi.


An amazingly amusing and bizarre novel that will force you speaking gibberish. Some healthy adult content which can be self-censored. Good read i have read half and lost the book in Relocating to my flat from Hostel.

4 Eleven minutes

For avid readers and beginners this is a best book. A story of a girl making it big starting small. Basic girls problems which she faced and of course a lesson.

11 mijn

Paulo coelho was the author which has almost skinned himself in the hippy and wandering souls. Mang books by him this one and the Alchemist is my personal favourite

5. Googled by God

My current reading which just started a day before this post will update in this post itself once i complete reading this book.


I guess its a realistic saga of a man who has the capability to shock the stock market. More of the book “The incredible banker. An on seat thriller book based on making of a based financial money-making software, and this software gets in hand by a russian mafia and a cunning entrepreneur who will not let the opportunity go by snooping himself in this risky venture.

Many more books which are best apart from this which i personally started and some left incompleted due to schedules

The Alchemist

Jaya: An illustrated retelling of mahabharat

Monk who sold his ferrari

Rich dad, poor dad

who moved my cheese?

Mrs Funny Bones

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