Top Companies, Logos and Story Behind it..

Well we always attract towards the visuals, same goes with the companies and their identity. The appeal, the feel and the emotions attached to it matters a lot. Yes i am talking about the top companies and their logos, how they evolved and stayed intact and the reason behind the logo too.

1.Apple Inc.

This comes with no surprise that Apple is not a fruit, it’s a brand for the people who has passed from their nursery teachings. The top company when we talk about the market capitalization nearly 900 billion dollar.


The brand which gave us ipads, ipods, macbook and many tech stuffs. Seen people literally camping outside the store to get the hands on to their products.

And so is their logo. While the original logo that the company launched with in the mid-70’s was a little… strange (it had Issac Newton sitting next to a tree. Seriously.), they switched to their iconic apple imagery in 1976. The cost of patent is itself in billions. Then came the rainbow color added to logo and finally settled with a plain coated silver black logo with a tint of silver line in between.

Different meanings have been portrayed for this cut in the apple logo. Some says it’s a piece of knowledge, some say they don’t want to confuse with the real apple fruit and some say it’s just a bite of knowledge.

2. Alphabet Co.

If you haven’t heard of Alphabet, don’t worry. The company is fairly new to the game, having just launched in 2015. A company which is the torch-bearer of the change Alphabet clearly tried to recreate the Google magic (without directly ripping off their own Google logo). And unfortunately for them, the results kind of fell flat.


Around 200 and more products under the cradle makes him to unite all the product under a good shelter hence this wad the inception of the parent company Alphabet. This tech giant has gone its way to recreate the magic in this era.

3. Microsoft Inc.

The logo the company used from 1987 to 2012 was fine (I especially liked the mark in the “O” that made it look kind of like Pac-Man), it left a lot to be desired on the design side. The company which gave us access for word and excel.


It’s also worth noting that out of all the companies on this list, Microsoft seems to be the one with the biggest logo identity crisis. Seriously. Every time they design a new logo, it looks like it’s for a completely new company.

4. Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway Inc’s logo is incredibly simple, it actually works for them. As a conglomerate holding company, they don’t want the focus to be on them.


It’s just a holding company which does not want to get famous but want to make the subsidiaries famous. So their nondescript, simple logo design makes sense, while their subsidiaries are more “look at me, look at me” with their design-forward logos.

5. Amazon

And Amazon has done an amazing job of reflecting that in their logo. See that arrow that travels from the A to the Z? That’s a bit of subliminal trickery and suggests that just like the arrow moves from the A to the Z, Amazon will move their products from their warehouses straight to your door.


It also looks like a happy face, which symbolizes their focus on customer happiness and satisfaction.

6. Facebook

Does this logo needs an introduction?? Unless you’ve been living under a rock since 2005, Facebook doesn’t need an introduction. The tech geek mark Zuckerberg launched this blue thing from their hostel dorm room was originally called “The Facebook”, the company quickly dropped “the” from the company name and went on to create the most successful social network of all time.


Yes the blue color is because of the red-green color blindness of the founder nothing so choosy and decisive about it. He sees the blue color in the original color as it is and richest color for him.

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