One thing is clear

Ok. Well well its clear no matter what you post, how much you scream, how much you cramble your ribs apart people will always read about love, scandals, movies and bla bla. Like a kite, it will always fall towards the sea if the wind is not an obstruction in that case. Same goes with humans as they have tendency to fall towards more space and that space is nothing but the empty apparatus

Someone’s (priya varrior) get getting popular overnight by just a wink, i personally felt she was such a coquettish and bounded with an innocent charm. Literally called a national crush, a day before valentine day. Someone(Nirav modi) plundering multi-million dollars from banks and absconding the country. And someone making comments and braging about their new hairstyles and new accomplishments. Before diving down into the list of obssessions now the current massess are following it very important to be present in the streamline and do what is required.

Opened the eye in the morning just to see whats the update of the new nirav modi case, but got the kneejerks after reading another scam of 800 crore of rotomac pens. Whats happening, is this going to be the year of scams?

After all this ruckus one thing is clear inorder to be a good blogger who is carving to get followers and whose only motive is to get the increamental followers write somthing the world os talking about. No one really care for whats going in anyones life everyone needs something which is most talked about. Period.

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