Things Rich people do to stay Rich…

1. Maintain a to-do list

Rich people don’t believe in doing things without planning, some people even plan for very very long time.

Wealthy people know that procrastination causes you to waste time, make mistakes and miss out on opportunities to generate income.

The key is to jot down all your ideas and think about them. But only add to your to-do list those that either need to be done today or are important enough to join your mid- and long-term to-do lists.

2. Don’t rely only on fortune

People don’t earn fortunes by chance. It requires hard work, determination and endurance. Warren Buffet, the fourth richest person in the world, started setting goals early on rather than relying only on his fortune. Its is rightly said fortune favours the brave.

3. Don’t spend Frivolously

Invest freely and generously in your business but exercise Spartan frugality when it comes to frivolous luxuries you don’t really need. You may never get rich by being frugal, but you’re a lot less likely to go broke. Mukesh ambani even though super duper rich doesn’t spend money frivolously.

4. Follow two minute rule

Whenever a thought hits your mind do it on the same time. If you put in on the back-burner, it will either never get done or it will take longer to schedule and review than to just finish it straight away. I personally felt one day i was about to sleep and a very good thought hit me i was sure it would not be the case when i wake up in morning so i just write it down and made a note for it.

5. Exercise regularly.

Yes this thing will keep you active and sharp. You might have heard about the happy hormones right.? This is the hormone which secrets when you exercise and keeps a person happy after a workout or during a workout

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