Go Get beautiful and Handsome with these top Five Photo-Edit Apps

Hola friends,

Ok It’s been late for this post, was little occupied with some stuff. Apologies..Today I am going to talk about best photography apps for android phones as well as iPhones. We all desire to look good and appear a dapper.

Pictures are the reflection of your identity, But what if you get the chance to enhance with the best photo editing applications in reserve.


If you’ve natural-liking for images bearing a vintage or cross-processed aesthetic, then Retrica could be your best go-to-camera app.

Retrica has been designed for ease of use and offers no manual controls over your camera. However, It consists of more than 100 different filters which include a vast range of effects and hues.

Unlike other filter-specific Android camera apps which allow applying the filter at the processing stage, Retrica allows applying the filter at the point of capture. This way, Retrica allows its users to see a live preview of how it’ll look. And if the user can’t decide a filter, Retrica also provides a ‘Random Filter’ option that users can keep pressing until they get something they like.

2- Google Snapseed

Snapseed was originally designed and launched by the same team responsible for the legendary Nik Software Photoshop plugins. Now it is owned by Google. The reason of acquisition is quite simple, as it is one of the best app for photo editing.

The photo editing options in Snapseed are controlled via intuitive drag-and-drop swipe controls which works completely fine with small touchscreen devices. The app, furthermore, can also be used to add frames and text to images with a range of sharing functionality.

3-PicsArt Photo Studio

This is my personal favourite i have been using since last five years now and amazed with the graphic update they provide and the quality of editing is par greater than many apps in your vicinity.

PicsArt is an all-in-one photo editing app that allows its users to click pictures, process images, apply different effects, create collages, and also share on social platforms

There is also a huge collection of digital filters, in addition to masking effects, cliparts, frames, stickers, and more. And if you’d like to share your pictures on social media, then its options are easily available. The only issue PicsArt users face is that it takes a little bit time getting used to the app layout.


Aviary is a remarkable photo editing app that’s completely free for Android and iOS devices. Included in Aviary are tools to enhance your picture with one-click color manipulations that are perfect for scenic images, portraits, and photos of food.


Each will adjust the colors automatically to best fit the type of picture you select. You can also manually adjust the colors by altering brightness, contrast, warmth, sharpness, and saturation levels.

5- Photolab

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but you know what’s worth more? A collage! Today collage apps for Android allow you to cut, tear, move, glue and compose different colors and objects.

With a decent app, you can show the fun you had on a graduation party or the night of craziness out with friends.

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