I’m sure you would not know this things about Stephen hawkings..

Its a very sad news to hear about the loss our so-called universe had observed after the death of cosmologist and scientist Hawkings.

All of them know about his ability to think and communicate, But is there anything new which very few people knows? Yes there are actually many things but i would like to share few of the things which you might have not heared about him. Below are the few things which is interesting to know. Here are

1. An average student in class

Obviously He should be an intelligent guy after he gave us the blackhole, Connections of relativity theories and many more. These days, we know Hawking as a brilliant mind whose theories are difficult for a nonscientific mind to grasp. This is why it may come as a shock to learn that Hawking was a slacker when it came to his school studies.
In fact, when he was 9 years old, his grades ranked among the worst in his class. With a little more effort, he brought those grades up to about average, but not much better.
Nevertheless, from an early age he was interested in how stuff worked. He has talked about how he was known to disassemble clocks and radios .

2. Member of oxford rowing team

Even before being diagnosed with a physically disabling illness, Hawking didn’t have what one would call a large or athletic build. However, row teams recruited smaller men like Hawking to be coxswains — a position that does not row, but rather controls steering and stroke rate.
But as much as the rowing team helped his popularity, it hurt his study habits. Occupied with rowing practice for six afternoons per week, Hawking started “to cut serious corners” and used “creative analysis to create lab reports”

3. Was about to die on age 21 only.

Before seeing a specialist, however, he attended a New Year’s party where he met his future wife, Jane Wilde. She remembers being attracted to his “his sense of humor and his independent personality.”
He turned 21 a week later, and shortly after he entered the hospital for two weeks of tests to discover what was wrong with him. He was then diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, which is a neurological disease that causes patients to lose control of their voluntary muscles. He was told he’d probably only have a few years to live.
Hawking became more optimistic and started dating Jane. They were soon engaged, and he cites their engagement as giving him something to live for

4. Children’s book author
One of the most unexpected facets of Stephen Hawking’s resume is that of being a children’s book author. In 2007, Stephen and his daughter, Lucy Hawking, collaborated to write “George’s Secret Key to the Universe.”
Of course, much of the book is meant to explain heavy scientific concepts, such as black holes and the origin of life, to children. In this context, it is very fitting that Hawking, who has always sought to make his work more accessible, would want to write such a book.

Hope you would have enjoyed reading this stuff. May the departed soul rest in peace in this parallel universe itself.


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