One million thoughts per second?????

Yes you read it right, Have you been in a state where you are hit by tremendous thoughts in a given frame of that particular moment?

This blog is particular for those who thinks they are confused, depressed, murmured, perplexed and anxious about their life. Don’t worry you are not the only one who is there to think like this, there are 7.5 billion people residing on this globe feeling the same, so sit back and relax.

If you talk about me what i think at this particular moment is not potentially eligible to define but still i would like to share some few things which i think at this particular moment.

Should i do job or no?
Should i be the same as what other bloggers do like writing on love, relationship, news, jaw dropping facts?
Should i start an import/export business?
Should i buy a new car instead of buying a new house?
Should i put some more views to my blog just to posting it everywhere on social media like a self obsessed blogger?

Yes this all are crazy things which you think when you have nothing to do at that point of time. But i believe to stick to basics and wait to just get the eggs hatch by themselves.

Many more in the tiny brain where each neurons think of different things like its going to get blown out in sometime.
Well some good bloggers who are in my touch told me to write about users i.e. you should always write what the users want. But believe me i write for myself, to improve, to communicate, to flag things, and to capture that moment for future.

You should not complaint in future about the things which you could have done and regretting. Time is not constant. Possibly and perhaps what you think now cannot hit you again when you actually want to get that idea back in your mind.

There must be a secret, a door to wisdom and perhaps the worldly-wise nothing ever came disguised in incompetence.

Thanks to word press for making such platform for the bloggers. Highly appreciated by the views and traffic to this blog.
Stay tuned.. There is a hell lot of things coming in this portal

Cheers..!!! 1000 views in just 2.5 months keep supporting.

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