Eternal Silence

Have you imagined a life without sound? The answer must be straight no. There is a lot of noise going around you and the world is full of noise and stress perhaps you think the same as me. I have experimented myself to feel the same.

Look deeper in nature and you will find something crystal clear.

There were many discoveries which you find for yourself which you could not have been able to find it if you would not have done this.

Mobile notifications, social media, TV, sound of Fan, even the slim jet sound of Air conditioner in your room is a sheer disturbance. Silence is deafening. So this time i did something i haven’t did it for ages yet.

Switch off your mobile first, yes switched off not even silent or vibrate. The mental siren which always keeps us awaiting for any new updates from everywhere, just keep it shut.

Whenever i take time to still and silent for a some time, it is so positive and energetic to your soul. People like to embrace the silence and the joy of being in wisdom and peace. There is so much strength in it. I discovered that there is a lot of sound a lot of disturbance inside us. Thats scary thing but oh so vital.

Wow what an idea, the one which i haven’t given a much thought on it. The creator has created such a beautiful vicinity and nature we can cherish for.

So here is a challenge for you all. Let’s take couple of minutes from you busy schedule and enjoy the art of silence. Keep off your mobile phones. Allow the creator to speak to you in quiet time and try to discover and figure out what you actually carve for and admire of. Allow yourself to wander and lost in the never ending journey of memories.


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