Change your definitions

Who cares if its 3.45 am of 24th. Who cares if its too late. Who cares..

The dawn has stood by his own without the permission of the dusk. What matters the most is the connectivity of the self to the self-proclaimed goals of our own.

After few days spend on some particular projects and even after trying to fulfill all the priorities it is you who standalone and by part in large.

That efforts shall be the most valued, more and much more what i and others may have thought of. We an individual will be forgotten in a year or two, but the nature and its eternity will always remain in a progessive mechanised change.

So a meet for a social campaign has changed something in me actually alot in me that delve deep into the effect of social deficiency, No intricate puzzles, its a norm of life and form.

An individual has strength, a voice of motive and greed of desires. There are many revelations and explanations which are non argued, lamenting on this revelations would not bring any motions in you.

Some thoughts which actually not make any sense in real but when you are at a place in the arm of nature you realize how small and midget you are. Efforts, hardwork, dedication, holdon the prominent adjectives comes into picture when you think in some larger picture.

Recently met a poet cum friend and an renowned person in his respective field while traveling have gave such lessons which you could have only read in some motivational books and catalogues or biographies.

Said. Why you need a predefined structures and way of moving in life, well define some by your own. Happy with recent assignments which i am working upon, busy days.

Have a great one. Change your definitions.

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