2000 views in this month..!!

Well i wasn’t actually waiting for the confetti and balloons which would fall from ceiling once i reach 5000 views. But i always crave for that small notification coin from wordpress saying 5000 views and 2000 likes congratulations.

But they actually didnt surprised me this time, may be they want me to reach 2000 followers instead. Just kidding

Either way i am really glad and joyous looking to all my regular readers and followers to tolerate me all the time and regarlessly followed me reading my craps. Writing on wordpress was fun, as it all started with just a single thought in mind to improve my English writing and get some eyes on my writing skills and parallely get some projects. Wordpess gave me many blogger friends who are writing in same league in which i am. Also some projects which are relevant to my interests. I really appreciate my fraternity this moment, miles to go before we sleep. Thank you all.

Cheers…looking for 50000 views.

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