Tit for Tat

Ohh.. what a morning it was, wake up early, sipping my routine coffee in my dorm, unfolding the recent feeds in my daily news portal, where many of my pals might me sleeping in gusty end of this winter week probably and boom got to know our proud soldiers of IAF bombarded many terror camps across the border.

As a matter of fact, why we need violence, why kill so many people, why to intervene the nations peace, why to create havoc, many more questions would pop up in minds of people. But can we forgot about the martyr family, what they would had sacrificed just for the sake of their duty towards motherland.

A pain of mother, children, father of the soldiers who are smilingly ready to allow their loved ones to play on the lines of fire. With this India now is in the league of internationalizing the issue of kashmir and the our fight for terrorism, Many experts are not falling aside by drawing parallels between the issue of kashmir and palestine.

But the major difference here is inclusion and exclusion of states where we fall in the former part. A pro- modi atmosphere has been developed due to the actions taken by our home mistry. I am not at all interested in politicizing this fight against terrorism but this is one thing where the previous governments had failed and fallen flat on there face againt their efforts towards terrorism.



Yeah..family of 100 followers..!!!

I know you would be wondering why i am getting so happy in just 100 followers, but hey wait. I like celebrating small small things and this is also a part of it. And its been five months i started writing on wordpress and believe me that feeling when you hit the publish button on your device is beyond any happiness.

I would not mind to post this notification as a new post on my blog. This are all because of you all who inspire me to write and share my mind on this portal.

Keep supporting wish i could have 1000 followers soon😃


2000 views in this month..!!

Well i wasn’t actually waiting for the confetti and balloons which would fall from ceiling once i reach 5000 views. But i always crave for that small notification coin from wordpress saying 5000 views and 2000 likes congratulations.

But they actually didnt surprised me this time, may be they want me to reach 2000 followers instead. Just kidding

Either way i am really glad and joyous looking to all my regular readers and followers to tolerate me all the time and regarlessly followed me reading my craps. Writing on wordpress was fun, as it all started with just a single thought in mind to improve my English writing and get some eyes on my writing skills and parallely get some projects. Wordpess gave me many blogger friends who are writing in same league in which i am. Also some projects which are relevant to my interests. I really appreciate my fraternity this moment, miles to go before we sleep. Thank you all.

Cheers…looking for 50000 views.

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Today’s Gyan

The food that we eat goes unappreciated until we can’t afford to buy a meal. Similarly, the roof over our heads is unappreciated until we can’t afford to have it and are effectively homeless.

The clothes on our backs are similarly unappreciated. The point? We need to learn how to appreciate what we have right now because it can be gone in an instant.

Change your definitions

Who cares if its 3.45 am of 24th. Who cares if its too late. Who cares..

The dawn has stood by his own without the permission of the dusk. What matters the most is the connectivity of the self to the self-proclaimed goals of our own.

After few days spend on some particular projects and even after trying to fulfill all the priorities it is you who standalone and by part in large.

That efforts shall be the most valued, more and much more what i and others may have thought of. We an individual will be forgotten in a year or two, but the nature and its eternity will always remain in a progessive mechanised change.

So a meet for a social campaign has changed something in me actually alot in me that delve deep into the effect of social deficiency, No intricate puzzles, its a norm of life and form.

An individual has strength, a voice of motive and greed of desires. There are many revelations and explanations which are non argued, lamenting on this revelations would not bring any motions in you.

Some thoughts which actually not make any sense in real but when you are at a place in the arm of nature you realize how small and midget you are. Efforts, hardwork, dedication, holdon the prominent adjectives comes into picture when you think in some larger picture.

Recently met a poet cum friend and an renowned person in his respective field while traveling have gave such lessons which you could have only read in some motivational books and catalogues or biographies.

Said. Why you need a predefined structures and way of moving in life, well define some by your own. Happy with recent assignments which i am working upon, busy days.

Have a great one. Change your definitions.